Mission Details

28th September | 2009

Mission Details

Fellow Historians! Welcome back to my continuing adventures! There are four previous strips in the archives alongside today's glorious entry, and I call your attention to the "Prior" button so you may navigate accordingly.

My mission continues directly where we left off previously. I urge a full reading of my backstory to bring you fully up to speed. See you next week!

Ladies and Gentlemen - Pinkleton is back!

28th September | 2009

Welcome to the new weekly comic. Thanks for stopping by!

A little history..
I created Byron Pinkleton in 2007 for a number of long form strips that appeared on the now defunct International History Club website that I created along with KC Green and Chris VanGomple. Over the last couple of years I've created a few additional long form strips and archived them here. While I love the long format strips, they are time consuming to produce and I wanted to give Pinkleton a regularly updating strip - hence the new, smaller, sleeker 1-tier format.

On the process..
You will notice this strip has a sketchy and loose look to it. This is intentional. With all of the inking I do on Snowflakes, this strip and it's more relaxed execution provide a nice change of pace. As with Grumps, the artwork for Pinkleton is done with pencils and not inked. I really enjoy working with this technique for it's Spontaneity, not to mention it's quickness. The style artwork on this strip may change over time as I experiment a bit with my technique.

Going forward..
The fact that I am able to produce this strip relatively quickly enables me to update once a week here in addition to 3 times a week on Snowflakes. I have a very finely tuned schedule that allows me to produce all of this work, in addition to all my other real-worldly responsibilities! I'm walking a razor wire here folks - if even the slightest thing falls out of place, my whole schedule will come crashing down like a house of cards!!! Otherwise, You can expect a new strip every Monday.

A word on Grumps..
I ended Grumps in 2008. I absolutely loved working on that comic, but at the time it was right to end it. I had told the story I wanted to tell, and was satisfied with ending the strip. But know this: I do have a sequel to Grumps running around in my head. It's been there a long time. I know the story and one day it will be told. But not now. Now is the era of Pinkleton, and I have many stories to tell...

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